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La Baldi Residency for artists, writers, and researchers. The multi-disciplinary residency welcomes individuals and collaborative teams. Located in the historic village of Montegiovi, Italy, in southern Tuscany, the self-directed international residency is an opportunity to experiment, develop ideas and projects, dream, explore, rejuvenate, research, and investigate the land and culture of this special area.

The residency honors the inspiring, generous legacy of Maura Baldi— a dynamic educator of literature, a fierce protector of the curiosity and expression of youth, and a spirited advocate for art, sustainable land practices and the life and history of the area. “La Baldi” (The Baldi), as her beloved students called her, was and is even now a unique force in their lives. She trusted and believed in the power of their potential to be extraordinary human beings and engaged world citizens. Sharing and exchange were imperatives for La Baldi, and they permeate the ethos of the residency along with Cultivate’s free-ranging investigation of landscape.

Residents are introduced to the history, culture, ecology, agriculture, food and cooking of Montegiovi, Italy, and are encouraged to immerse themselves in the landscape by working outdoors, walking, eating/cooking, and exploring the social-environmental-political dynamic and resources of the local communities.

Through the La Baldi residency, Cultivate expands its platform for artists, writers, and researchers to investigate land, place, and the commons. Evolving projects include experimental and practical interdisciplinary explorations that wrestle with the qualities, perceptions, and layers of experience and relationships that inform and expand notions of landscape. Ideas from a full spectrum of voices across generations are supported using sustainable tactics. From the hyper-local to the global, Cultivate reflects individual and collective curiosity, intention, imagining, and engagement with the phenomena of landscape.

La Baldi Residency provides an intimate experience with the small, historic hilltop village of Montegiovi and the neighboring web of villages in southern Tuscany. Monte Amiata rises in the east from vines and olives to oaks, chestnuts and finally a forest of tall beeches at the summit. The micro-climate of the Conca D’Oro valley surrounds Montegiovi, providing extremes of temperature between mountain and sea that enhances the flavor and quality of the oil, wine, and food. Ancient trees, berries, figs, mushrooms, grapes, herbs, olives, and grains with millenia in their ancestry cover the terrain and speak to a long history of stewardship and sustenance, passion and love. Just below Montegiovi is the farm of Poderi Borselli where Davide Borselli uses renewable energies and organic practices that respect and sustain the area and nature. Residents can visit the farm and taste his organic extra virgin olive oils and wines.

The nearby towns of Castel del Piano (5 km) and Arcidosso (6 km) offer all services, grocery shopping, and restaurants.

Duration of Residency
Two weeks to one month

Residents live in private accommodations in Montegiovi, Italy, a village of 200 people.

Via Alberghi apartment for one artist and companion. Two rooms with views to the east and west, kitchen, bath with shower, queen bed and outside sitting area/terrace. WiFi available.

Small terratetto house (Piazza Matteotti little house) for one artist and companion. Three small rooms, stacked on top of each other on three different floors including kitchen, study, queen bed, bath with shower, balcony, and a large garden with panoramic views. No WiFi, but participants can use WiFi at Poderi Borselli or other sites if desired or necessary.

Via del Ponte apartment for one artist and companion or collaborative teams of up to three artists. Three private bedrooms (one single and two doubles) with shared kitchen, bath with shower, half bath, dining area, balcony, and study. Garden/terrace with views to the east. WiFi available. Entrance is shared in common with adjoining neighbors.

Montegiovi is a medieval village with many steps, stairs, and varied terrain that may not always be even. Please consider your comfort level with walking in these conditions. We are happy to provide as much information as possible to ensure your comfort.

Our accommodations are non-accessible, but if this residency sounds like a perfect match for you, please contact us, and we will try to find an accessible accommodation in the village or nearby.

Accommodations are smoke free environments. All activities must adhere to a strict “leave no trace,” “leave no harm” green policy.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
This is a multi-disciplinary program open to self-directed artists, writers, and researchers. Residents are encouraged to immerse themselves in the landscape, place, cultural practices, and the air, sunlight, soil, and water that we share.

• WiFi and internet are available in the apartments and at Poderi Borselli.

• The little house is internet and WiFi free offering an opportunity to temporarily disconnect and work without distraction.

• An art supply and stationery store is located in nearby Castel del Piano.

• A print and graphic shop is available in Castel del Piano.

• Laundromats (lavanderie) are located in nearby Castel del Piano or Arcidosso.

• Upon request and availability, community contacts that align with artist intentions can be made to enrich the residency.

There are no dedicated traditional indoor studio facilities.
We ask that applicants consider how they plan to embrace the outdoors as the primary workspace.
Workspace is outside in the open air of the gardens, on the porch at Poderi Borselli, in the garden of Il Miccio pizzeria pub (on the street leading to the top of the village), on walks, on the village overlook, in the piazzas of neighboring towns, or inside the apartments or house (small works, writing). Even when working inside, the orientation is to the outside through windows and doors that move the gaze to the land, weather, light and stars.

Indoor working space is reserved for residents as needed.

If working indoors, all activities must adhere to a strict “leave no trace,” “leave no harm” green policy.
• Residents may choose to rent a car for their stay. Renting a car makes it easier to explore the area. All accommodations have free parking readily available for residents.

• Travel to and from the residency is not included. We are happy to provide info about coming from the airport to Montegiovi.

• Electric bicycles are available for rent for local transport.

• There is a local bus with daily schedules to other towns. Bus schedules are available online: www.at-bus.it

Fees and support*
1 artist stay 800€/2 weeks; 1400€/1 month

Collaborative team of two stay 1200€/2 weeks; 2100€/ 1month

Collaborative team of three stay 1600€/2 weeks; 2800€/1month

Refundable security deposit 150€

For individual artists:

Individual artists have private accommodations.

For collaborative projects:

Collaborating artists have the choice of private or shared accommodations. For private accommodations, the fee for each artist is the same as an individual artist.

Collaborations of two artists, who are also companions, may choose to share a bedroom in a private accommodation, or opt for private bedrooms in an accommodation with shared common spaces.

Residency Awards: Two month-long subsidized residencies are awarded each year. The residency award covers all fees.

Applicants interested in a residency award must apply by January 2.

*2024 fees

Fees include:
Weekly grocery shopping trips. We provide the ride, if necessary, for grocery/supply shopping and laundry in nearby Castel del Piano. Residents buy their own groceries and other personal items/supplies.
Cleaning at close of residency
Info list and connections to local resources and support for research and/or supplies.
Optional side trips, activities, and services are available upon request. Fees for these are the responsibility of the residents and may include:
Excursions to Monte Amiata, Daniel Spoerri Garden, Merigar, Monte Labbro.
Activities such as cooking classes, organic extra virgin olive oils and natural wines tasting with mill and cellar tour at Poderi Borselli, Ebike tours, Italian lessons or conversations.



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Poderi Borselli Montegiovi Località Poderina, 58033 Castel del Piano GR,58033,Castel del Piano

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